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Forenville Military Cemetery
My Grandfather Herbert Covill was in the Kings Liverpool Regiment (48659) during WW1. He was in the 12th,4th and 13th battalions. He was KIA 08/10/1918 and is buried in the Forenville Military Cemetery near Cambrai in Northern France. There are 17 men of KLR 13th Battalion buried there, all KIA on that day. There are also approx 80 other soldiers buried there from several regiments plus 6 WW2 airmen.
I am in the early stages of organising a centenary commemoration for those buried at Forenville on 8th October 2018 (most fell on that day)
I have been "advertising" the event since July this year at the Great War Forum without much reaction from family of those buried there and wondered if there is any way that the Association can help me to get the word out? Interestingly family of the two New Zealanders in Forenville are coming. Can the Association be of any help? I am contacting the Associations of the other Regiments represented at Forenville.  
You very kindly placed the letter in the Newletter at the time. I have been able of the last 18 months to reach family of a dozen of the men buried at Forenville and I am still hoping for more. I have been able to contact the family of only one more of the King's Liverpool (13th Battalion) men. That leaves another 15 still to find. 
My grandfather was KIA on the 8th October 1918 and it is still my intention to be there at the cemetery on Monday 8th October 2018 - BUT the Mayor and her local community (Seranvillers-Forenville) are planning a wonderful tribute to all who fell nearby in the second Battle of Cambrai. 
This weekend event will start on the afternoon of Friday 5th October 2018 with displays of material from the Battle. This will continue to be available throughout Saturday 6th October perhaps with a presentation in the afternoon. The main focus of their commemoration will be on Sunday 7th October 2018 with a Mass and blessing (around 9:30am) at the church and a rededication of their local memorial, together with their standards and in the presence of the local children. 
Afterwards we will be heading to the Forenville cemetery for laying of wreaths and the Mayor will say a few words. I have been asked to add my thoughts as well. There will then be a wine of honour in the village hall. At 3:30pm there will be an hour long concert of the Philharmonic and songs sung by the children. Some of the songs will be in English. So we are joining in with their very fitting tribute.  
Anyone who wishes to know more can contact me at .
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