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5 Kings Memorial Plaque - 1st July 2009
5 Kings Memorial PlaqueFor a number of years now the Liverpool Branch of the Association have been undertaking battlefield tours of France and Belgium. In 2007 we went to Normandy. We looked in particular for the graves and mementos of the 5 Bn and 8th(Irish) Bn of the King’s (Liverpool) Regiment. Members of our party had family members who fought and died with these battalions.

Many of the formations and units who fought in that campaign have their presence clearly marked in memorials and museums.  There is frequently a marker to indicate where they fought.  In the case of the 5th Bn there are only the graves at Hermanville and possibly a crest in the Mayor’s office. In the case of the 8th Irish there is a standard and plaque in the village church of Grayes sur Mer and the graves in Bayeux.
5 Kings Memorial PlaqueBoth battalions were beach groups and were used to reinforce other units once their beach tasks were over. There was nothing on either Sword or Juno beaches to indicate their presence.  We resolved, as you do, on the last night of 2007 tour to resolve this situation.  You will have seen our progress from then through Eric Jones sitreps.

On 1 July we gathered for the unveiling of a memorial plaque at the 3 Division memorial at Hermanville.  We assembled some 26 Branch and T Force members and their families at the 3 Division Memorial at la Breche d’Hermanville at 10.00 on 1 July. The party included Bob Rose who was at D Day with 5th Bn, his wife, son and wife and son and grand daughter. David Fachiri, a former 5th Bn officer, and sons attended.  David’s father Bobby Fachiri had been the anti tank platoon commander on D Day but was unable to make the journey.
5 Kings Memorial PlaqueThe Mayor, M. Lelandais and members of the council, a party of French veterans plus Mme Perdriel and friends arrived shortly afterwards.  Mme P’s mother had kept ‘open house’ for the battalion in June 1944 and Mme P and friend had helped out.  She brought with her some photos of those days.

David Chadwick opened the proceedings by explaining the purpose of the project and thanking the Mayor and people of Hermanville for their support.  The Mayor then welcomed the party to Hermanville and that because of the connections of the battalion with the village that the installation our plaque should be supported.  Don Rose then unveiled the large black granite plaque which now looked more like a small memorial.  He went on to give brief speech dealing with his recollections of the day and his abiding sympathy for the inhabitants of Hermanville who despite suffering much death and destruction welcomed and supported the battalion as best they could.
The ceremony was concluded and some 30 minutes of photos, conversations, exchange of addresses etc ensued.
After a short break most of us went up to Courseilles sur Mer to see the 8th Irish plaque at the Canadian Juno Beach centre.  This had been installed by the Canadians on one of the pillars outside the visitor centre.
5 Kings Memorial Plaque 5 Kings Memorial Plaque